The Horse Soldiers


No other film had as big impact on our country as The Horse Soldiers had ever since its release. I have never seen such an amazing movie since I saw The Horse Soldiers the first time. I still remember the first time I watched The Horse Soldiers. I watched this movie three times and I liked it the same every single one even more. Director made a lot of good work with brilliant writing and amazing cinematography. Skills of actors are just impressive, especially John Wayne. I never liked Action titles so it's fair to say i never thought I'd love The Horse Soldiers. The Horse Soldiers is stunning and only a retard wouldn't watch it at least once in his life. I can't stop thinking about The Horse Soldiers today, I certainly won't be able to concentrate at my job tomorrow.... Show more

What happens in The Horse Soldiers

A Union Cavalry outfit is sent behind Confederate lines in strength to destroy a rail / supply center. Along with them is sent a doctor who causes instant antipathy between him and the commander. The secret plan for the mission is overheard by a southern belle who must be taken along to assure her silence. The Union officers each have different reasons for wanting to be on the mission.

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Directors: John Ford
Countries: United States
Release: 1959-09-19
Duration: 120 min
IMDb Rating: 7.2
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