RED 2 is not your ordinary Hollywood crappy movie, it carries really deep message. It would be hard to find a movie made this good. The storyline is carefully and smartly written, the characters development is very good written too. RED 2 has it all, brilliant acting, nice performance and well written plot. I am a huge fan of Dean Parisot and this movie was his finest work last time. Artistry of actors are just magnificent, no actor gave us a weak performance. RED 2 has many details and scenes that I really cannot get out of my mind since watching it for the first time. In conclusion RED 2 is just absolutely awesome, that's why it is considered one of the 5 greatest movies of all time. It is one of the few movies of the past years that really deserve to be seen multiple times.... Show more

What happens in RED 2

Retired C.I.A. Agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

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Watch RED 2 (2013) Online Free. RED 2 is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and others. Produced by Dean Parisot in United States. RED 2 is one of the greatest Action Movies.

Directors: Dean Parisot
Release: 2013-07-18
Duration: 116 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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