Share with me the name of a movie that is more recognizable that Betibú... you won't find one. A movie with zero weak scenes, zero weak moments. Betibú stands out above all other movies I've seen in my life. I watched this movie three times and I liked it the same every single one even more. I'am the biggest fan of Betibú and Betibú for me is his best production. The acting is just incredible (especially Alberto Ammann, I'm sure no one expected that). I never liked Crime titles so it's fair to say i never thought I'd love Betibú. This is a very memorable movie in every way. I can't stop thinking about Betibú today, I certainly won't be able to concentrate at my job tomorrow.... Show more

What happens in Betibú

One day like any other day, in a quiet and well guarded private area is Pedro Chazarreta dead. News are rapidly common: Chazarreta is not only a powerful businessman, but also the only suspect he murdered his wife, and simulated a few years ago a stupid national case. To cover the Mortal Chazarreta, the popular newspaper "El Tribuno" calls to Nurit Iscar, Alias ​​"Betibu", Noir novel, who has been inactive for years now, only works as a "writer". With liabilities, Nurit reverses a transaction and creates near the Chazarret to create a number of non-fictitious notes for one year. Who killed the Chazarret? Is his death associated with his wife? Are there causes of his death in his past hidden?... Show more

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Release: 2014
Duration: 100 min
IMDb Rating: 6.3
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