The Invasion


This is an excellent movie, The Invasion is a timeless piece of art... A performance that has no weak moments. I still remember the first time I watched The Invasion. The Invasion has a reputation of one of the best films of all time. Director once again delivered us great piece of art. The Invasion is one of those films where no sigle character gives a weak play. The Invasion has many details and scenes that I really cannot get out of my mind since watching it for the first time. There really isn't too much else to say. Tweet this movie on twitter or share it on facebook with your friends.... Show more

What happens in The Invasion

For Dr. Carol Bennell, a psychiatrist, the first sign that something is wrong comes from the patient who has been seeing her for four years. "My husband is not my husband," she says. Carol prescribes an anti-psychotic, but she'll soon learn the woman's statement was perfectly rational. After Carol drops off her son to visit his father, the thought occurs to her: "My ex-husband is not my ex-husband." More and more, those around her are behaving oddly. They're cold, emotionless. Meanwhile, her romance with Ben Driscoll, a research scientist, reaps unexpected benefits. She asks him to examine a weird substance she found in the neighbors' Halloween candy. What looks like a thin slice of flesh proves not to be some prank, but an alien substance that will be the key to learning why everywhere on Earth people are becoming what they are not.... Show more

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Watch The Invasion (2007) Online Free. The Invasion is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Veronica Cartwright, Jeremy Northam, Nicole Kidman and others. Produced by Oliver Hirschbiegel James McTeigue in United States. The Invasion is one of the greatest Sci-Fi Movies.

Release: 2007-08-17
Duration: 99 min
IMDb Rating: 5.9
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