The Merchant of Venice


This movie is not just a simple Drama film, it is truly unique film. I have never seen such an amazing movie since I saw The Merchant of Venice the first time. One word, cool!. The Merchant of Venice has it all, brilliant acting, nice performance and well written plot. The directing by Michael Radford is always superb. The acting is really gorgeous, bringed to life characters that are rich in details and complex. The Merchant of Venice will be forever living movie. No matter how many years passed and no matter how many times you saw it. This is a very memorable movie in every way. You can download or watch in hd The Merchant of Venice here on FMovies.... Show more

What happens in The Merchant of Venice

In the Sixteenth Century, there was a great intolerance against Jews. In 1596, in the liberal Venice, Bassanio asks for a large amount to his friend, the merchant Antonio, to travel to Belmont and propose the gorgeous Portia. Antonio has invested all his money in his ships and borrows from the usurer Shylock, who proposes an unusual bond: if Antonio does not pay the money without any interest three months later, he might receive one pound of his flesh instead, at his choice. When Shylock's daughter Jessica runs away home with all his money and jewels, he becomes furious. Meanwhile, the load of Antonio sinks with three different vessels and he is not able to pay his debts with Shylock, and the Jew goes to court of Venice claiming the execution of his deal. In spite of many requests, his tough heart does not accept any other agreement further than the one established in their contract.... Show more

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Watch The Merchant of Venice (2004) Online Free. The Merchant of Venice is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino, Joseph Fiennes and others. Produced by Michael Radford in United States. The Merchant of Venice is one of the greatest Drama Movies.

Directors: Michael Radford
Release: 2004-12-03
Duration: 131 min
IMDb Rating: 7
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