Blood & Truth


Blood & Truth is one of the most popular movies from Stuart Whyte. A movie with zero weak scenes, zero weak moments. I still remember the first time I watched Blood & Truth. There is no character in this movie that does not fit in. I am a huge fan of Iain Wright and this movie was his finest work last time. I liked the characters, all of them, even the antagonists were unforgettable, especially Colin Salmon. I loved Blood & Truth from the first sight. In conclusion Blood & Truth is just absolutely awesome, that's why it is considered one of the 5 greatest movies of all time. It's definitely worth to see.... Show more

What happens in Blood & Truth

A PlayStation VR video game where you play as a special forces soldier named Ryan marks in a first person shooter with action and drama. It takes place in the gritty city of London and based off of the London heist.

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Watch Blood & Truth (2019) Online Free. Blood & Truth is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Colin Salmon, Bryan Larkin, Amy Bailey and others. Produced by Stuart Whyte in United States. Blood & Truth is one of the greatest Action Movies.

Release: 2019-05-28
IMDb Rating: 8.7
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