Resident Evil: Damnation


Resident Evil: Damnation - one of the best films ever, an absolute masterpiece. I have never seen such an amazing movie since I saw Resident Evil: Damnation the first time. The movie is an extraordinary piece of the moviemaking top class. There is no character in this movie that does not fit in. Makoto Kamiya made this movie at a great steady pace along with amazing writing. The acting is just incredible (especially Matthew Mercer, I'm sure no one expected that). For real, it's very entertaining production. Is Resident Evil: Damnation the best film of all time? I would put it in my top 5 for sure. Resident Evil: Damnation is a living masterpiece. This movie is an art, at it's very best form.... Show more

What happens in Resident Evil: Damnation

Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy comes face-to-face with a nightmare he may never be able to escape as the terrifying Resident Evil saga continues. Convinced that Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) are being used in combat, Leon} infiltrates a secluded Eastern European seeking the evidence he needs to confirm the rumors. As soon as Leon crosses the border, however, his contacts in the U.S. order him to abort his mission immediately. But he's come too far to simply turn his back now, and as Leon vows to neutralize the threat of B.O.W.s once and for all, the Umbrella Corporation's most dangerous weapon threatens to unleash a literal hell on earth.... Show more

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Watch Resident Evil: Damnation (2012) Online Free. Resident Evil: Damnation is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Matthew Mercer, Robin Sachs, Wendee Lee and others. Produced by Makoto Kamiya in United States. Resident Evil: Damnation is one of the greatest Action Movies.

Directors: Makoto Kamiya
Countries: United States, Japan
Release: 2012-10-27
Duration: 100 min
IMDb Rating: 6.5
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