Devils Tramping Grounds


Share with me the name of a movie that is more recognizable that Devils Tramping Grounds... you won't find one. Definitive sample of 5/5 movie. The movie is an extraordinary piece of the moviemaking top class. Devils Tramping Grounds has it all, brilliant acting, nice performance and well written plot. The directing by Weiss Night is always superb. Devils Tramping Grounds is one of those films where no sigle character gives a weak play. Devils Tramping Grounds has many details and scenes that I really cannot get out of my mind since watching it for the first time. Devils Tramping Grounds will live with the next generations of men, I'm certain of that. It's definitely worth to see.... Show more

What happens in Devils Tramping Grounds

Justin convinces his friends to embark on a journey to the Devils Tramping Grounds to camp. The local lore says the Devil walks the grounds every night and those who stay are never found again. The adventure is meant to be a fun last "hurray" before they leave each other for school and jobs. They deliberately aim for a piece of ground in the shape of a circle where supposedly nobody lives through the night. Do they survive is the storyline.

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Watch Devils Tramping Grounds (2018) Online Free. Devils Tramping Grounds is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Chase Barnett, Ryan Barboza, Chole Bowden and others. Produced by Weiss Night in United States. Devils Tramping Grounds is one of the greatest Horror Movies.

Directors: Weiss Night
Countries: United States
Release: 2018-10-31
IMDb Rating: 2.5
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