Pixy Dragons


Pixy Dragons is one of the most popular movies from James Snider. Brilliant inspiration to many actors and producers, as well as for directors. I still remember the first time I watched Pixy Dragons. There is no character in this movie that does not fit in. The direction is very sublime. Excellent pictures, tempo and scenes. All of the actors were worked very good, but my most liked one in this movie was Maria Petrano. I loved Pixy Dragons from the first sight. Is Pixy Dragons the best film of all time? I would put it in my top 5 for sure. It's definitely worth to see.... Show more

What happens in Pixy Dragons

"Welcome to Pixy Dragon Town. An amazing place where magical, fire-spewing dragons live in peace and happiness - Most of the time. DRACO and GRUS are the towns troublemakers. When they set their sights on winning the towns fire-spewing contest. They must return to Dragon Town and use their fire breathing powers against LACERTA, and send him back to his castle before Dragon Town is destroyed. "

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Watch Pixy Dragons (2019) Online Free. Pixy Dragons is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Maria Petrano, Todd Quills and others. Produced by James Snider in United States. Pixy Dragons is one of the greatest Animation Movies.

Directors: James Snider
Countries: United States
Release: 2019-04-09
Duration: 72 min
IMDb Rating: 3.6
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