The Odds


Share with me the name of a movie that is more recognizable that The Odds... you won't find one. The Odds is a wonderful lesson in filmmaking for all aspiring directors. I still remember the first time I watched The Odds. It is a sensational, tense movie from start to finish. The directing by Bob Giordano is always superb. I loved all of the actors, even the enemies of the main character. I never liked Horror titles so it's fair to say i never thought I'd love The Odds. There really isn't too much else to say. Tweet this movie on twitter or share it on facebook with your friends.... Show more

What happens in The Odds

A young woman joins an underground game of pain endurance, hoping to win the prize; US $ 1 million. She soon discovers the game's rigged, and the real opponent is the man- a sadistic psychopath, who's created the game. As things progress, she's forced to endure ever-increasing torturous pain, as her opponent engages ever-more horrific methods to manipulate and defeat her.

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Watch The Odds (2019) Online Free. The Odds is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Abbi Butler, James J Fuertes, Katie Gunn and others. Produced by Bob Giordano in United States. The Odds is one of the greatest Horror Movies.

Directors: Bob Giordano
Countries: United States, Japan
Release: 2019-02-08
Duration: 107 min
IMDb Rating: 4.6
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