Time Renegades


This is an excellent movie, Time Renegades is a timeless piece of art... Time Renegades is a wonderful lesson in filmmaking for all aspiring directors. The acting was brilliant. Time Renegades has a reputation of one of the best films of all time. Jae-Yong Kwak made this movie at a great steady pace along with amazing writing. The acting is really gorgeous, bringed to life characters that are rich in details and complex. Time Renegades has difficult to explain energy that fills me every time I watch it. Time Renegades is stunning and only a retard wouldn't watch it at least once in his life. If you loved this movie too, share it on facebook as I did!.... Show more

What happens in Time Renegades

In 1983, high school teacher Ji-hwan is attacked by a pickpocket. In 2015, homicide detective Gun-woo is shot during a chase and loses consciousness. Both men are taken to the same hospital in different time periods, and both their hearts stop and miraculously start again at the same time. A mysterious force binds them together, allowing them to see through each other's lives in their dreams. Soon realizing that the woman they love strikingly resemble each other and that they are in fatal danger, the two men must team up to trace the past and change her destiny.... Show more

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Watch Time Renegades (2016) Online Free. Time Renegades is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Min Ho Lee, Jung suk Jo, Soo jung Lim and others. Produced by Jae-Yong Kwak in Korea. Time Renegades is one of the greatest Fantasy Movies.

Directors: Jae-Yong Kwak
Countries: Korea
Release: 2016-04-13
Duration: 107 min
IMDb Rating: 6.8
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