Maximum Overdrive


Maximum Overdrive - one of the best known movies made in United States. Maximum Overdrive is without doubt the best Action movie, a new standard. Maximum Overdrive is pretty damn good piece of art, it took my breath!. That tension created by characters draws the audience in from the start. The direction is very sublime. Excellent pictures, tempo and scenes. Artistry of actors are just magnificent, no actor gave us a weak performance. Rly, this is the first film I saw that made me feel I saw something better than just a movie. This is a very memorable movie in every way. I can't stop thinking about Maximum Overdrive today, I certainly won't be able to concentrate at my job tomorrow.... Show more

What happens in Maximum Overdrive

When Earth passes through the tail of Rea-M rogue comet, the machines come to life and start to kill mankind. A group of survivors is under siege from fierce trucks at the Dixie Boy truck stop gas station and they have to fight to survive.

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Watch Maximum Overdrive (1986) Online Free. Maximum Overdrive is one of the best movies available in HD quality and with English subtitles for free. Highly anticipated Movie featuring: Emilio Estevez, Yeardley Smith, Giancarlo Esposito and others. Produced by Stephen King in United States. Maximum Overdrive is one of the greatest Action Movies.

Directors: Stephen King
Countries: United States
Release: 1986-07-25
Duration: 98 min
IMDb Rating: 5.4
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