The El Duce Tapes


This movie is amazing, really good plot & great acting. A performance that has no weak moments. The storyline is carefully and smartly written, the characters development is very good written too. The El Duce Tapes has one of the highest rates in IMDB top 250. I'am the biggest fan of The El Duce Tapes and The El Duce Tapes for me is his best production. I liked the characters, all of them, even the antagonists were unforgettable, especially Bill Maher. I never liked Biography titles so it's fair to say i never thought I'd love The El Duce Tapes. I'm certain that The El Duce Tapes will continue to live for centuries. Tweet this movie on twitter or share it on facebook with your friends.... Show more

What happens in The El Duce Tapes

Between appearing in supporting roles in General Hospital and local TV commercials, Ryan Sexton spent the early 90s documenting the life and art of El Duce, lead singer of the notorious shock rock band The Mentors. Famous for taking the stage in black executioner hoods, the band spent a few moments in the national spotlight after some of their most offensive lyrics were denounced on the floor of the US Senate. 25 years later, David Lawrence and Rodney Ascher dive into the long unseen VHS footage searching for clues about who El Duce really was, how much of his disturbing persona was for real, and what an act built around a cartoonish sense of violent misogyny can tell us about our own time and place.... Show more

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Release: 2019
Duration: 100 min
IMDb Rating: 7.1
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