Meek's Cutoff


This film is a masterpiece. Every thing of Meek's Cutoff is outstanding. If the watcher does not like Adventure type of movies, he will watch the whole movie and have great fun. It tells important lesson about how you should live your life to it's fullness. There is no character in this movie that does not fit in. I'am the biggest fan of Meek's Cutoff and Meek's Cutoff for me is his best production. Skills of actors are just impressive, especially Michelle Williams. Not many "excellent" movies that have ever been released. Is Meek's Cutoff the best film of all time? I would put it in my top 5 for sure. It is one of the few movies of the past years that really deserve to be seen multiple times.... Show more

What happens in Meek's Cutoff

The year is 1845, the earliest days of the Oregon route, and the team of three families employed the man Stephen Meek to lead them through the cascading mountains. Carefully learn to get to know a short cut, MEEK leads a group on a unmarked path in the desert on a high ordinary desert just to lose in a dry stone and sage. In the coming days of emigrants, emigrants have to be afraid of hunger, wishes and their own lack of faith in instincts for survival. When the native to the American hiker crosses her way, expatriates are torn between confidence in a leader who has proven that a not heavier and a man who has always been perceived as a natural enemy.... Show more

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Release: 2010
Duration: 104 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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